Some experiences from customers

Below, some customers share how they experienced the massage

It was in one word fantastic! The peace that both Gert and the environment radiate is enough to make you feel good immediately. The respect and kindness you receive from Gert give your body and mind a real boost. For 2 hours just enjoy, come to yourself and relax. It is nice to know that it is still possible in all serenity and tranquility. Thank you Gert, I will definitely be back!

Adempauze (breather), I rarely came across a company name that is so appropriate. Gert's massage is complete, soft, deep and very relaxing, all in a very nice setting with attention to details. Absolute must!

Upon entering you experience the peace and quiet and Gert is the peace itself. Blissful 2-hour massage, I will definitely return. I can't easily relax and escape reality, but those hands really do their job. They will definitely see me again. Thank you Gert

As soon as you enter the massage room, you immediately experience the feeling of peace and tranquility. Just as Gert himself radiates. During the massage you can be completely at ease, Gert takes all the time and gives his undivided attention. You experience a sense of timelessness, relaxation and "being away from the world". He is concerned with your physical condition and adapts his massage techniques to your own wishes: very soft or very strong. Almost every place of your body receives the same amount of attention, with due respect for your privacy. A must for anyone who needs me-time, or just wants to do themselves a favor. (note: provide enough empty space in your diary ... before you know it you are almost 2 hours later ...)

Today I had a wonderful massage. I have been to many places, but I had never felt Gert's movements. I became very quiet (which is not easy for me) and enjoyed it very much. At the beginning he was 'careful', but after a while he started to give more pressure. Gert takes enough time and does not stop when the clock indicates that it is time. He will certainly calmly give every part of the body sufficient attention. Recommended!

A real boost! Gert works with heart and soul and you can feel it, that makes it just as special and effective. I was out of the world for 2 hours. So it was much more than just a breather! Thank you, Gert!

Delicious! Enjoying a massage for 2 hours, thime flied. All elements were present to completely unwind, even hearing the rain ticking against the windows had a calming effect!

Are you in a busy period or need a moment of rest? Then Adempauze (breather) is really what you need! It does what it promises ... The world keeps on turning, but for you everything stands still for a moment. You completely recover from the massage and can then continue with new energy. You feel literally and figuratively in safe hands with Gert. Both his approach and massage are soft, dynamic and with a lot of respect. Thanks Gert, I'm still enjoying! See you soon...

Today I went to Gert for a wonderful 2-hour massage .... just a complete zen moment ... blissful ... thanks Gert ... I'll definitely come back again... keep up the good work ... highly recommended!

What a pleasant experience, a massage from Gert. Gert radiates peace and is in my view a man of few words but great deeds. From the moment that Gert receives you you feel yourself easily. Ideal if you want to get away from it all and want to relax both physically and mentally. He takes plenty of time to carefully and professionally handle every part of the body without making you feel uncomfortable. Despite the fact that I am a person who is difficult to let go of her thoughts and concerns, I have caught myself falling asleep at the end. I could easily have stayed for a whole day. What a must! I'm definitely going back!

Wonderful and honest massage! A total experience when you enter Adempauze. Gert gives you a warm welcome and his magical hands make you relax in no time! Highly recommended on Friday to enjoy it all weekend. I would love to come back and will gladly recommend you!

I can recommend the massage at Gert for everyone who wants to relax, for anyone who needs a break, and wants to get back in their own flow. Gert possesses the gift of massaging with his full and undivided attention, in a way that speaks of the highest respect for the person on the table. As if you are allowed to drift away to a place where you can simply be you. Highly recommended!

Last week I received a wonderful and relaxing massage from Gert. Quiet reception with questions if you are bothered by something. A nice massage room and a wonderfully soft table. I have never laid on such a soft headrest. It is a body massage that lasts about 2 hours and where you can indicate what you like. I can recommend this massage to anyone. I'm definitely going back! Gert, keep it up!

Words cannot describe how blissful and satisfying this treatment by Gert is. In connection, with respect and softness, eye for the smallest details, golden hands, 200% attention, beautiful house, beautiful and warm massage room with fantastic bookcase, ... the best massage of my life in all areas. You will soon notice that Gert is a beautiful person. I am quickly back on his table.

Your massages are fantastic, I already mentioned that. Your skilss and your full attention to what you do, provides a deep, physical and mental relaxation. A true benefit! Lomi Lomi massage does this too, but for me it goes even further. You really feel the therapeutic effect afterwards. Working on the connective tissue has a major impact. Let go of what you no longer need and slowly rebuild energy. Great, highly recommended! Do take enough time for yourself after the massage to allow the physical and mental effect to fully happen. Then cosi cosi on the couch with a tea and you are fully charged! Thank you Gert!

Need me-time?

Or do you want to disappear for a moment in the daily struggle against time? Well then I recommend a moment at Adempauze (breater)!

The friendliness, tranquility and warmth with which Gert welcomes you, automatically reassures you and makes it something that revolves around you. I don't get much rest myself and have a lot of trouble clearing my head. Still, Gert manages to get me completely into "zen mode" every time. Even the days after you feel the new energy that you receive still reverberating. A blissful feeling when your body and mind are completely relaxed.

Thank you Gert for taking care of us with such passion!


Gert ensures that during the massage all the tensions in your body dissolve like snow in the sun. While you are being massaged, time stands still for a moment and you come to a deeper state of relaxation.

Adempauze (breather).... yes it really is the right name ... the right feeling what you get when you just enter the room .... a very pleasant quiet reception ... both the room and Gert radiate the peace .... and how nice to really get the time to sink into the depths .... It's been a long time ago that I was in such a deep relaxation .... a very nice moment / experience to catch my breath and to get back in touch with my body ... highly recommended !!!

Last week I had booked a massage ... I would like this weekly. Two hours away from the world, completely relaxed. I felt the tension go out of my body. It is so important that we take care of ourselves ... No doubt worth repeating! Thank you very much Gert

I like massages and I mainly choose those who work deeper such as shiatsu etc. but sometimes you really need deep relaxation, completely let go and get away from the world. With all due respect for the relaxation massages you currently find everywhere, but I always miss something .... That's why Gert's mindfulness relaxation massage is so unique! You come in complete relaxation, but at the same time he works on a deeper level and that makes this massage really very special. The attention and focus that you get for 2 hours is pure indulgence, but at the same time this also puts your energy flow back in balance. My favorite and for what a bargain price for 2 hours! Thank you Gert! I am a customer!

The finest, most honest and most reserved, satisfying massage ever, I'm going to pamper myself once a month, at Adempause .... blissful!

Just be out of the world ... to wake up in a new world after a 2h intensive massage! SUPER!

Just got a massage from Gert ... more than worth it! Despite some fears, I booked a hot oil massage through his site. The introduction was very natural and pleasant. After I lay down my tired sore body without hesitation on his wide, long treatment table, he started the warm oil massage. Anointed and healing, that's how I experienced it. At the start I thought for a moment "I am going to book a second massage afterwards" ... Fortunately I quickly got into a complete relaxation and my thoughts fell silent. I also particularly appreciated the background music. Casual atmosphere where you are happy to have given yourself this gift. I can compare ... Gert really is an excellent masseur and the name "Adempauze (breather)"  describes what you get.